E-Prepared is a learning lab-turned-business created by Roger P Brown of Spanish Fork, Utah. Roger is a student of continuous learning, and holds several IT certifications. i.e. RHCE, RHCSA, OCM100, LFCS, VCA-DCV, Cloud+, Storage+, CLA, LPIC-1, Linux+, Network+, and A+.

In order to retain and sharpen hard-fought IT skills, Roger creates home projects that employ as many of the certification objectives as possible. As Roger was purchasing new servers to expand a Ceph-powered data storage cluster, it dawned on him that he would soon have more storage space than he can use. So why not start selling some of that space? Let us turn this hobby into a real business and start getting some badly needed tax deductions out of it.

Roger hit upon e-prepared.com and registered it on January 26, 2017. This domain was chosen for the current purpose of data storage and a potential future purpose of offering Linux skills testing VMs, both of which add to being electronically prepared.


E-Prepared was founded upon the following guiding principles.